Small businesses unhappy with the current tax system 
The country’s smallest businesses are disgruntled with the tax system

Two thirds of the UK’s micro-businesses have labelled the current tax system as ‘biased and unfair’, with a further half saying they feel ‘voiceless’ about government decisions that affect their business.

Just one in ten business owners are satisfied with the way the tax and benefits system treats the country’s smallest firms, according to a study by small business membership community Chorus.

Almost half (43 per cent) of micro-business owners feel powerless to influence government policy, with no ‘voice’ representing their biggest business concerns.

The areas where business owners say they need the most support include late payments (one fifth rank it as the first area they would ask for support) and cash flow management (18 per cent). Of those surveyed, 79 per cent are not currently a member of any business group.

Jason Kitcat, micro-business ambassador for Chorus says, ‘Our research shows that the UK’s micro-businesses feel ignored by mainstream political debate and that they feel powerless to influence policy making with a taxation and benefits system that is stacked against them.’

Micro-businesses are the unsung heroes of our time, driving our economy forward and it’s time they receive support and representation that reflects this, Kitcat adds.

‘It’s clear that it’s time for the decisionmakers in government to understand and value the hard work of the micro-business community, and we are here to help make this happen.’

There are currently 5.2 million micro-businesses in the UK (1-9 employees), accounting for 96 per cent of all British businesses and employing approximately 8.4 million people.

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