Despite fleeing the nest, the majority of UK workers are still reliant on their mums’ wisdom throughout their careers, with more than half (54.6 per cent) admitting that their mum has helped them to decide whether to accept a job offer or not.

When asked what else their mum has done to help them, respondents cited that their mum had helped them to understand the importance of taking on work experience (53.6 per cent), decide which subjects to study (38.6 per cent), and choose which career path to take (35.3 per cent).

Mothers are also credited with helping respondents excel during their academic studies (22.3 per cent), prepare for interviews (21.5 per cent) and complete application forms (21.1 per cent).

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library says, ‘From making the right choices throughout your education, to securing an interview and landing the job, the world of work can be difficult to navigate.

‘It’s clear from our data that many workers rely on their mother for help on making these all important decisions and it’s no wonder. For most of us our mum is a very influential part of our lives, and it is therefore unsurprising that so many professionals are turning to their mum for career advice and support in their working lives.’

Furthermore, the survey finds that nearly a quarter of workers (21.7 per cent) admit that their mum had influenced their career path, with one in 10 (11.3 per cent) opting to follow that of their mother.

Professionals were asked what their mum had taught them about working life, with over a third (39.3 per cent) citing that they were taught to have a good work ethic, followed by the importance of having a good job (15.5 per cent) and that in order to climb the career ladder you have to work hard (14.3 per cent).

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