Attitudes towards medical emergencies that require a defibrillator is the focus of a survey by defibshop.

The cost of a defibrillator is cited as the main reason for putting business owners off a potential purchase, with 55 per cent of those surveyed saying the price tag would deter them from buying one.

Despite a lack of confidence, 78 per cent of those surveyed say their workplace has three or more members of staff trained in first aid. Additionally, 98 per cent currently have a first aid box on their premises, and have stressed the importance of a workplace feeling safe for employees.

The study of 300 businesses also discovers that many respondents bought a defibrillator due to the lack of available Automated Electronic Defibrillators in their surrounding area.

A safe workforce

David Howarth, chief executive of defibshop says, ‘Making your workforce feel safe and valued is the sign of a great business, and it’s brilliant to see companies recognising the need for this.

‘While more businesses are investing in an important piece of equipment like a defibrillator, there are still many more workplaces that could benefit from having one onsite.’

Howarth adds that, with nearly 60,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests occurring outside of a hospital every year, there is still a need for more defibrillators to be widely available, particularly at work, in the event of medical emergencies.

‘When a defibrillator is used within 3-5 minutes of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the survival chances raise from 6 per cent to 74 per cent, which shows just how vital these machines are.

‘While the cost is a deciding factor for many business owners, there are many options to make these life-saving machines accessible, whether it’s a lease or raising the funds via charity work.’

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