The Apple Watch offers great convenience as it gives you access to messages, phone calls, music controls, maps, and more, directly from your wrist, making your life that much easier

in everything you do. If raising your wrist to look at your Apple Watch is a simple gesture, sometimes it can be a dangerous or distracting one, such as when you’re driving or riding a motorcycle for instance. Enters the Satechi Apple Watch Mount.

The Satechi Apple Watch Mount can easily attach to your car steering wheel or even a motorcycle or bicycle handlebar, putting your watch in a safe and convenient location for you to access.

Simply remove the bands from your Apple Watch and snap it into the mount. Then clip the mount to your steering wheel, treadmill, stroller, bicycle handlebar, or just about anything that has a rounded handle. And because it is adjustable, you can rotate the mount 360 degrees in order to have the best possible viewing angle. As you can imagine, this is particularly handy for specific situations, such as when you’re riding your bike or motorcycle.

Driver riding motorcycle on an empty asphalt road

In my tests, I really appreciated the convenience of having access to Maps right there on my steering wheel. Some may argue that you could just use your iPhone for this, and I wouldn’t disagree. But there is something about having this minimal device right there in front of you.

The biggest drawback about the Satechi Apple Watch Mount doesn’t come from the accessory itself, but rather from some limitations of the Apple Watch.

If you have a passcode enabled, then you should pretty much forget about using this accessory as it will require you to punch in your passcode every time you want to see what’s on the screen. For someone like me who uses Apple Pay on Apple Watch (which requires a passcode to be enabled), turning off passcode is not even an option, so the mount is a no-go from the start.

Another limitation of Apple Watch is its poor battery life and the fact that you can’t leave the screen always on. This is obviously not ideal when mounting the watch for driving directions. Because you can’t be charging Apple Watch while mounted, this is a problem worth considering.

Despite these few limitations, I can really see how the Satechi Apple Watch Mount can be a great companion. Providing easy access to the watch is its main benefit, and if you can fit in in your routine, you’ll certainly appreciate the convenience. Yet, depending on your situation, using this accessory might prove more challenging than convenient. You be the judge.

Available in both 38 and 42mm, the Satechi Apple Watch Mount can be purchased from Amazon for $14.99.