Managing dozens of computers can be anything from an inconvenience to an absolute nightmare

Managing dozens of computers can be anything from an inconvenience to an absolute nightmare

Managing a single computer can be enough of a challenge for most of us. Having to keep up to date with things like defragmenting routines, cleaning folders of unnecessary files, backing up your computer, and so much more can get overwhelming for even the most advanced users. Any program that can help with these tasks is often welcome.

Of course, when you have dozens or even hundreds of computers to keep up with, managing everything can go from a bit of an inconvenience to an absolute nightmare. Luckily, there is also a range of software that is designed to help administrators deal with a more substantial number of computers.

One of the more helpful kinds of programs that you can use when you have to manage a larger number of devices is computer inventory software. This type of software will be the primary focus of today’s article, and we’ll be covering the essential details and some other things to know about it.

What does computer inventory software do?

Of course, let’s make sure that all of our readers are following along by first covering precisely what computer inventory software is. While it may sound like it, this is not software that takes inventory of your computer. Instead, it takes stock of the machines you have on your network.

This software makes it much easier for you to understand what devices are part of your local network, what exactly they are doing with the network and many other details. Parsing through the raw data provided by your network is usually to inconvenient without the use of one of these programs, which brings us to our next point.

Why do you need computer inventory software?

There are a few different reasons why you may wish to use computer inventory software. First off, you may have difficulty determining which device is which when you take a look at the computers, phones, tablets, and more on your local network. Computer inventory software specialises in these situations.

The vast majority of computer inventory programmes will allow you to label and tag devices on your network so that you can have an idea of which one is which. Aside from helping you immediately identify any issues that a specific computer may have with your network, you can also take note of data usage and more.

Other than being able to identify the individual computers on your network, you can get an idea of their resource allocation and more through the use of graphs and charts. You can also set up how you want the programme to report back to you and the info that it will give you when it does so.


Computer inventory software is something that is most useful to larger businesses that have to deal with a massive number of workstations.

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