Half of self-employed worker aren't too worried about artificial intelligence

Half of self-employed worker aren’t too worried about artificial intelligence

Half of the UK’s independent workers don’t think that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on the world of work.

Accenture data has predicted that the growing trend of AI in the workplace could double annual economic growth rates, but independent workers aren’t convinced.

A Qdos Contractor survey with over 1500 contractor respondents shows that:

  • 50 per cent think AI will have ‘little impact’ on their career
  • 21 per cent believe that AI will have a ‘big positive impact’
  • 11 per cent expect a ‘big negative impact’
  • 18 per cent are unsure.

These same workers are also split on whether AI and automation technology will encourage companies to engage their services more – 47 per cent reckon it will while 53 per cent thinks otherwise.

Seb Maley, Qdos Contractor CEO believes that AI will increase productivity which is good for the UK economy, but acknowledges some workers are afraid that smart technology will do away with certain key roles.

‘AI and innovative technology not only has the potential to create new entrepreneurial opportunities but also to help the self-employed with time consuming and complex financial tasks, such as money management and tax reporting,’ he says.

‘While the increased use of AI must be regulated as not to negatively impact the rise of self-employment, new technologies can in fact directly open doors for independent workers, particularly those working in IT and digital roles.’

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