Having a responsive (mobile friendly) web site was introduced few years back, due to the increasing amount of visitors using mobile devices to connect with businesses and ecommerce websites. A responsive website enables web pages to immediately sense the users device and then display the website in the same dimensions of the device that the web page is being displayed on. Most of the top CMS template provides supply only mobile responsive templates nowadays but if you are running a dated version then maybe its time to consider an upgrade.

So to maintain pace with the future technology it is necessary to convert your website into responsive experience in order to keep up with your users habits.

Most CMS themes are also Search Engine Optimisation friendly as well as responsive thus giving you a piece of the mobile marketing pie. Some of the key elements of a responsive websites and they are:

  • Navigation
  • Columns
  • Calls to action
  • Branding
  • Padding and White Space

We will delve into these in future blog posts.

You may also think you have a mobile responsive website however you can check with goggle here to see if your website meets all the requirements HERE.

Your website needs to be future proof and the next step is mobile responsiveness to give you a fighting chance against your competitors.