We understand that privacy is important and needs to be protected. People take measures to ensure their privacy is protected in many aspects of their personal life. That’s why we at LegalZoom are all about protecting your privacy too.

Let’s take social media for example; by limiting people who can view your profile and not having your personal address and phone number available on social media platforms, you are protecting yourself from unwanted invasion of privacy and unsolicited messages.

Why should this be any different for your business?

When you set up your business, you must have a registered office address and a service address. Your registered office address is displayed on the public register – which anyone can access, it will be on all company literature and public documents and is where all statutory documents from Companies House and HMRC will be sent, as well as any junk mail.

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way in which you could use the same principles of protecting your privacy on social media and apply them to your business, avoiding invasion of privacy and unsolicited notices?

This is where we can help – form your company with LegalZoom and take advantage of our Registered Agent Service which will protect your private address and reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

With the Privacy Formation Package, you get three months of our Registered Agent service completely free. Not long enough? With the Peace of Mind Package, you get it free for an entire year.

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Form your limited company today with LegalZoom and get exclusive access to the Registered Agent service.

Form Your Limited Company Today!

Not only does the Registered Agent service protect your privacy, your business will also benefit from:

Full legal compliance

It’s a legal requirement to have a registered address if you’re a registered company. This is so government organisations such as Companies House and HMRC can contact you with important notices.

Forwarded and protected mail

We will send your mail on to your permanent address. This means you may be working in different locations at different times, you’ll never miss an important letter.

Prestigious central London address

Even if you have a mobile office, you can have the security of a fixed address with our service which can be used on your website and communications.

Take full advantage with this incredible protecting your privacy service today when you form your company with LegalZoom.

Form Your Limited Company Today!

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