Apple’s new iPad Pro with its epic 12.9-inch display, super smooth performance courtesy of Apple’s third-generation 64-bit ‘A9X’ microchip, four speaker audio, enhanced multitouch technology with lag-free Apple Pencil performance—to

name but a few of its headline features—doesn’t file as the most attractive, powerful iOS device but also the priciest yet.

Starting at $799 for the entry level Wi-Fi-only 32 GB model and going all the way up to a whopping $1,079 for the flagship Wi-Fi + Cellular edition with 128 GB of storage, the iPad Pro will essentially compete with Apple’s own MacBook Air and Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet with a similar price level.

It won’t be available until November and launch quantity will be limited, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start saving now for the device, quite the contrary. But the big question is, will you buy an iPad Pro?

Keep in mind we’re not asking you whether you’ll be purchasing an iPad Pro as soon as it lands on store shelves in November: you might opt to buy it the next summer or whenever is convenient for your, for instance.

That being said, please cast your vote accordingly. If you plan on buying an iPad Pro some time next year, for example, fell free to select the ‘Yes, I will’ option.

Take the poll now and meet us in comments.

Just a few quick thoughts before I wrap up.

At $799 on the low-end, the iPad Pro is within spitting distance of the MacBook Air, which starts at $899 for the 11-inch version and $1,099 for the edition with a 13-inch screen. For those wondering, a 32GB iPad Pro with Apple’s keyboard cover and stylus will set you back $1,067, while a 128GB MacBook Air is priced at $899.

iPad Pro ad Reveal image 001

The problem is, the MacBook Air is a real computer and the iPad Pro, despite all of its bells and whistles and creative tools such as the Apple Pencil, is neither a real computer nor a full-on laptop replacement.

No matter how you look at it, the iPad Pro is weaker than the MacBook Air in terms of hardware performance. In terms of sheer CPU power, its A9X chip just cannot keep up with Intel’s Core i5 processors that powers the MacBook Air.

iPad Pro gaming lifestyle 003

And at $1,079 on the high-end, the iPad Pro will face strong competition from Microsoft’s existing Surface Pro 3 and upcoming Surface Pro 4, which is expected to be priced at a similar level as the iPad Pro + keyboard combo.

Which isn’t saying the iPad Pro is a failure. Different people have different needs but with its price approaching capable laptops some fans might be on the fence of buying it.

But at $799 for the baseline model, I’m ready to jump…