In yet another sign that we’re ridiculously close to launch, several images are now floating around the web showcasing the iPhone 6s box, complete with cover art.

The latest

box art leak that I’ve seen is from @alixrezax, and it features what seems to be a Space Grey iPhone 6s. Unlike last year’s sparse white box that featured a mere embossed outline of the phone awaiting inside, this year’s model goes back to the product shot and wallpaper seen in past iPhone releases.

iPhone 6s box 2

What’s interesting about the iPhone 6s box art, if it is indeed real, is that the wallpaper isn’t like any wallpaper that we’ve seen thus far. In fact, I went back and checked up on the 15 new wallpapers included in iOS 9, and none of the wallpapers seen there are the one featured in this box shot.

Rumors have swirled regarding new motion wallpapers being added for the iPhone 6s, and given that this box includes an as-of-yet unseen piece of artwork, I’d go out on the limb and say that it’s a possibility.

This isn’t the first box art to leak into the wild. Back in August, Benjamin Mayo from 9to5Mac posted images of both the rear box label, and the front label of a white version of the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus refresh. In that image, a similar theme can be found with the wallpaper—it’s one that we haven’t seen on iOS 9.

iPhone 6s box art

And earlier today, Mitchel Broussard from MacRumors posted a similar image from an iPhone 6s label.

iPhone 6s Box art fish

Will we or won’t we see new motion wallpapers based on these leaked images? What do you say?