Join the UK Domain for a webinar on cyber security and GDPR

Join the UK Domain for a webinar on cyber security and GDPR

Trusted advice and insightful tips from a panel of experts to help you protect your business, customers and their data online. Tuesday 21 April 2020 at 11am (BST). Register here. 

Whether you’re running a personal training business or an online shop, keeping your customers and business safe online is just as important as sales and product or service delivery.

With thousands of cyber-attacks threatening small businesses daily and GDPR bringing data security and protection into the spotlight, it’s never been so important to understand how you need to be securing your assets online as a small business owner.

There can be a lot to get your head around, from data consent to phishing and GDPR legislation to hacking. That’s why, here at The UK Domain and in partnership with the trusted standard in data protection, iCaaS, we’ve brought together a panel of experts to share trusted advice and insightful tips on how you can protect your small business, customers and data.

The panel features: GDPR expert and co-founder of iCaaS, Nicola Hartland, Nominet’s CISO, Cath Goulding and Managing Director of cyber security company OxSec and ethical hacker, Joseph Garbett.

The webinar will cover:

  1. How vulnerable your website and data are to cyber-attacks
  2. What small businesses need to know about GDPR
  3. How GDPR applies to your business and why data protection is so important
  4. What you’re responsible for when it comes to data protection and processing
  5. Easy cyber security tips to help protect your business and customers

Why you should join us, from the experts themselves

We asked our experts for one reason why they think you should join us on the live webinar, here’s what they said:

Nicola Hartland

“As the majority of businesses are now being encouraged to work from home, this places extra risk on data protection and cyber security compliance issues. This webinar will help you overcome these challenges.”

Joseph Garbett

“Give your business the best possible chance of surviving a cyber-attack and apply the sensible advice we’ll be sharing.”

Cath Goulding

“It’ll be 45 minutes of your time that could give you the tools to prevent a potential future cyber breach that could cost you your business.”

Join The UK Domain and the panel of experts in a live webinar on 21 April 2020 at 11am (BST). Register here. 

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