The top-performing Tube lines in Zone 1 based on business turnover and growth have been identified by DueDil, a data intelligence company.

The study reveals that companies on the Bakerloo line represent both the highest average annual turnover and average growth rate when compared to businesses adjacent to other lines.

Every tube line achieved an average annual growth rate of at least 15 per cent, and averaged 18.69 per cent across the lines. This compares favourably businesses across the rest of the UK, which have an average growth of 13.64 per cent.

Among individual stations, Waterloo has the highest average turnover and Bayswater has the highest average growth rate.

Companies included in the study were required to have a reported annual turnover in excess of £5 million and have a registered trading address in central London on tube lines. The 11,475 companies that fit these criteria were subsequently mapped to their closest Zone 1 tube station using latitude and longitude information from Postcode.

The Waterloo & City line is excluded from the results as it consists of only two stations, which does not offer a fair comparison with other tube lines.

Waterloo has the highest average annual turnover at £2,536,771,284 (£2.53 billion). It is followed by Paddington (£783 million), Victoria (£575 million), Cannon Street (£447 million) and St. Paul’s (£283 million).

The high average turnover of companies local to Waterloo is primarily due to the presence of Royal Dutch Shell Group PLC and its subsidiary, Shell Trading International Limited. Both companies rank in the top three for annual turnover among all businesses included in the study.

Bayswater has the highest average growth rate at 77.75 per cent. The station is followed by Gloucester Road (66.72 per cent), Embankment (44.73 per cent), Warren Street (35 per cent) and Mansion House (33.84 per cent).

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