iMovie for Mac just received a significant new update that brings 4K support and support for full HD videos at 60 frames per second. The update, which corresponds with

the launch of Apple’s long-expected new 4K-toting 21″ iMac, allows users to edit and share 4K movies.

Billed as version 10.1, the new iMovie update will allow those using Retina Display-enabled iMacs, or a MacPro with a connected 4K display, to edit videos in 4K resolution. Although Apple doesn’t explicitly state it, I’m assuming that iMovie’s 4K ability will work with MacBook Pros that are capable of driving an external 4K display as well.

iMovie 4K iMac

Along with the 4K-centric updates, iMovie 10.1 now features a whole host of additional options and features. These include:

  • Create and share movies at stunning 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) on compatible Mac computers
  • Create and share movies with 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second for smoother, more true-to-life action
  • Import movies and trailers from iMovie for iOS (version 2.2 and later), so you can start editing on an iOS device and finish on your Mac
  • Redesigned Media view lets you see more of your library while browsing videos and photos
  • Projects view makes it easy to find and open your movies and trailers
  • Tabs in the Browser give you faster access to titles, backgrounds, transitions, and music while editing a movie
  • Option to hide Browser while editing a movie
  • 10 additional video filters from iMovie for iOS
  • View pixel-for-pixel 4K video while editing a movie on iMac with Retina 5K display

That last bullet point will be of particular interest to iMac owners. What that’s basically saying is that, while it’s possible to view and edit 4K video on the new iMac, you can’t actually view the 4K video in full resolution as you edit, because doing so would take up the pixel real estate of the entire screen. Editing on a 5K iMac, however, allows you to edit and view the full pixel-for-pixel resolution of the video, because of the extra real estate afforded by 5K versus 4K.

iMovie is available for $14.99 on the Mac App Store. It’s bigger brother, Final Cut Pro X, is available for $299. Final Cut Pro X contains way more options and features for serious videographers. It’s a lot more flexible, and a lot more powerful than iMovie, but iMovie in itself is a great starting point for those new to video editing.

What are your thoughts on the iMovie update, and what are your thoughts on Apple’s new 21″ Retina-enabled 4K iMacs?