BetterTouchTool is a free Mac utility that allows you to supercharge your Mac’s trackpad gestures. There are literally hundreds of uses for an app like this, but I’d like

to share with you one particular use case scenario that I find extremely useful.

I’ve set up BetterTouchTool to allow my MacBook’s trackpad to quickly cycle through all of my open tabs in Safari using a simple two-finger gesture. Have a look at our full demonstration video and tutorial for all of the details.

First and foremost, you’ll need to install BetterTouchTool. It’s available free, and is a must-have Mac utility if you’re using a trackpad or a Magic Mouse.

Once you install BetterTouchTool, launch the app, and use the import option inside its preferences to import my Safari-Tab-Cycler-BTT file.

You can see the result of my imported gestures in the following screenshot:

BetterTouchTool Safari Tab Switcher

If you’d like to set up the gestures manually, instead of importing my pre-made file, then follow the steps outlined in the video embedded above. In the video, I not only show you how to create a pair of useful tab-switching trackpad gestures, but I show it in action as well.

Seeing is truly believing in this case, as switching tabs can be performed with a single hand using nothing more than a gesture. BetterTouchTool is an extremely awesome app, and when wielded properly, can really serve to supercharge your gesture game.

What do you think about this tab-cycling gesture? Do you have any additional BetterTouchTool secrets to share?