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Helping hands: a virtual assistant can help ease admin burdens for entrepreneurs

If you are a solo founder, you know how critical it is to manage your time. And if you are a busy one, you’re all too familiar with the inbox and calendar management that eats up that precious time.

We feel for you — there must be a solution to get all these tasks done easily.

While you’d usually hire a full-time personal assistant (PA) to carry out these tasks, there’s a far more flexible, efficient and quality solution to the problem.

We’re referring to virtual assistants, of course.

Virtual assistants are expert remote freelancers that carry out PA tasks – they’re becoming increasingly popular thanks to their flexibility of remote work, pricing and their expertise in a niche industry or specific task.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr are the leading platforms for finding virtual assistant services.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of virtual assistants.

Why do you need a virtual assistant (VA)?

We previously touched upon a growing multitude of small tasks that consume your time as a business owner.

I’m talking activities such as:

  • Inbox and calendar management
  • Travel booking and arrangements
  • Research and presentation slides in preparation for your meetings
  • Leads, follow-up calls and client management, as well as personal touches (like a thank you letter)
  • Not to mention bookkeeping, paperwork and back-office activities

We get it – it’s hard to juggle all these tasks if you’re on your own, and running the core of the business. Even if these tasks might not be at the core of what you do, they’re important to the business, they are crucial for keeping thing moving.

So, these tasks are important, but they’re also extremely time consuming.

What do you do? You hire a virtual assistant.

Why a VA is better than a full-time personal assistant

As mentioned earlier, virtual assistants are remote freelancers, who can work flexible hours from anywhere in the world.

That’s beneficial to small business owners specifically because of:

  • Flexible investment: Virtual assistants can work flexible hours on a per-need basis, instead of engaging in a full-time commitment. Great for getting help when you’re real busy, and spending zero during quiet times
  • Increased task expertise: If you have a breadth of different activities you need help with, you can hire several virtual assistants for each of them, instead of having one, full-time PA that is average at everything. In other words, you’ll enjoy the benefits of specialisation
  • Unlock precious resources: if you get a remote person that works only when you need them, and is specialised in that exact task you need them for, they’ll do them better, and because they’re more precise, it will also cost you less., This allows you to unlock precious time on your schedule and adds more money in your bank account to re-allocate on the core of your business

Sounds good, right? Now to the best part.

How do you get a virtual assistant today?

Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr are the best option to get virtual assistant services in the UK.

Three main reasons why:

  • Unparalleled speed. You cut search costs and the time to get things done by finding the perfect virtual assistant in under five minutes. Some tasks can be completed in as early as 24 hours. This helps with on endless scrolling on your contacting friends for referrals
  • Specific task expertise. Thanks to more than 20 filters, you can search the perfect virtual assistant based on your budget, tasks, and whether it’s admin support, research or database management
  • Unbeatable value. You can get a virtual assistant on Fiverr without breaking the bank, with prices ranging from £5 to £500 per each activity. Prices are set upfront, so no time is spent on negotiations and you know exactly what you’re paying for. Not to mention peer reviews to ensure full transparency and peace of mind

All in all, virtual assistants are the best option for small business owners to get admin, support and back-office tasks done efficiently and with superior quality – definitely beating a full-time PA.

Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr are the go-to for finding virtual assistants who have both industry knowledge and specific task expertise – these platforms are great to cut down on searching costs, maximise speed of service and get the best value for money too.

Stop wasting your precious time and get the help you deserve – these small duties often make the difference.

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