Going away on business? What not to leave behind 
Remembering your power adaptors is important for a business traveller

Business travel doesn’t always go smoothly. A successful and enjoyable trip is far more likely if you plan ahead.

If you are busy prior to your trip, then it’s easy to put packing on the back burner. There always seem to be other priorities, including preparing properly for the meetings you have arranged. But it is always worth investing a little care in gathering everything you need. There are a few items which you may overlook when packing at the last minute which could ensure that your trip goes without a hitch.

You are unlikely to forget key items like your travel documents, currency and clothing, although it could be worth making a check list just in case. Most things that you might forget can be sorted out at your destination, but there are a few extras which it really pays to remember.

Health concerns

Hopefully you would never travel without adequate health insurance. You should also register renew your European health insurance card (EHIC). This is free of charge and will give you access to state-provided healthcare in both the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Any treatment you receive will be provided free or at a reduced rate. Pre-existing conditions are covered by the card and some insurers will insist that you have one.

Powering up

If you are travelling overseas then do take several power adaptors so you can use or charge your devices and equipment when you need to. It can be almost impossible to find the right adaptors in some countries. Even if they are available, this will be of little comfort when you have retired to your room for the night. Finding enough power outlets can also be a problem in many hotel rooms. If you have several devices that you need to use, then a multi-socket adaptor would be a very wise investment and an essential inclusion in your luggage.

Enjoying your down time

There may be times when there’s little else you feel like doing than relaxing in your hotel room. If that’s the case, then it’s always nice to have some form of entertainment at your disposal. The viewing options on the television in your room may be limited and it is good to be able to avoid paying additional fees for any on demand movies. Before you travel, download some films on to one of your devices while you can – without incurring premium roaming charges.

Remember your business cards

Your business cards probably always travel with you, but make sure that you take more than you think you will need; there are always those unexpected networking opportunities. It can also be beneficial to take some of your colleagues’ cards along and those of referral partners. You could impress by having the solution to someone’s problem immediately to hand.

Business travel can be stressful, frustrating and boring in equal measure. You will primarily be focused on achieving your goals. However, some careful packing could make all the difference and result in a hassle-free and productive visit that you are able to enjoy.

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