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Building blocks: GoDaddy will host a free website for a year for start-ups completing its 12-day challenge

GoDaddy will offer new entrepreneurs a free website for one year for those taking part in its 12-day challenge.

Website builder GoDaddy will reward each new business owner that accepts its challenge, completing a daily step-by-step guide to setting up their own business with a custom website.

Its new online tool will help guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of turning their business ideas into reality in just 12 steps.

Irana Wasti, GoDaddy regional president for EMEA said: “People across the UK have amazing business ideas, yet many are often deterred from making their ideas a reality because they don’t know where to start. The scale of the task can appear too daunting and time-consuming.”

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Each day a new simple task with guidance will be revealed, empowering would-be entrepreneurs by guiding them through the process one step at a time, helping to bring their idea online.

Steps include naming your business, writing a business plan and setting up an online payments .

If they complete the process of all 12 steps, aspiring founders will have a registered business with a functioning GoDaddy website.

Wasti said: “That’s why we are challenging the nation and providing the guidance to get Britain’s would-be business owners and side-hustlers going as fully-fledged ventures online.

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GoDaddy currently has 19 million customers worldwide using its website building tools.

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