Make sure you protect against threats, both physical and online

Make sure you protect against threats, both physical and online

Security is a major concern for every business owner. Managers have to come up with strategies to ensure their products, workers, and private data are secure. Technology has greatly improved giving the birth of new and more advanced security measures that are more effective.

Most small companies have to come up with new security trends since more complex threats have emerged. In this article we will discuss some of the latest trends in security for small business purposes.

The latest trends in security for small businesses

Web-based security management system

It is a web-based security management that has developed a new form of electronic access control. Initially, most businesses used server-based systems that are expensive to install and technically challenging.

A web-based system is easy to install and only needs a single network appliance. It is the most suitable for small businesses since it can be accessed through an internet browser. Moreover, control access to sites from any location and it has the capability of using IP camera based surveillance system.

Protection from mobile malware

Most small business use mobiles for communication with clients and customers, make orders, and store vital company data. An attack on the mobile can cause disastrous effects in a small business.

New viruses, new methods of destroying mobile information and techniques to access personal mobile information have emerged. For example, when someone clones your phone they can gain access to everything in it. Therefore, small businesses have to develop mechanisms such as strong and coded apps when dealing with the company information.

Inhibiting data breaches

Information breaches have been common over the years, whereby company softwares are hacked and vital, private information licks. As IT technology increases, the greater the risk of data breaches.

Most of the time small businesses are the victims. It time small companies move with the technology and develop strong data security system.

Cyber security

Most disastrous attacks on business are usually through the internet. Small businesses that aim to grow have to protect their products, equipments, and data from any form of attack. In addition, nowadays most things are controlled electronically; this makes them hackable.

Physical security

As much as most intrusion happens in the web doesn’t mean someone cannot attack your business physically. There are still cases of theft and robbery in small business. That’s why small business owners need to come up with more developed security systems, such as the following:

Access control systems. These are systems which allow the business manager to control who has access to specific rooms and access points.

Commercial CCTV systems. These security surveillance cameras have the ability to record video footages of those who come in a certain business facility. This helps to catch out criminals and record any deviant acts.

Intruder alarm systems. These alarm systems send out a signal whenever an trespasser comes into the business premises.

Wireless safety measures

With the new insecurity generation, wireless security systems can be more effective than a wired one. It uses wireless signals and controls that send data to system control panels, unlike the traditional electronic control access that uses installed wires to transmit signals.

In small businesses this method is effective not only because of security provision but also in case there is need for business growth, it wouldbe easy to install in the new room. It is easy to install after locks have been put in place, all that is done is system configuration.

Keyless entry

As a small business manager, this is one of the most effective methods of limiting those who access your facility. If you use keys, it’s so easy for them to be stolen or lost, and it’s the same case with access cards. But, with keyless entry only those processed will have access. It can be achieved through use of biometrics.

For growth and maintenance of every small business security is a major contribution. Moreover, customers and client will feel free to come in to a secured ground, shop, bar, or canteen. For smooth run up of things in a business or company accountability has to be ensured. It can be easily acquired through an enhanced security system.

Installing a good security system can be expensive but it an unregrettable, and advantageous move any small business can make.

Simon Parker has more than 70 years of shared experience with Minerva Security.

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