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Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, Digital Marketing Abingdon Has Got You Covered


Digital Marketing Abingdon will help you grow your presence online & engage with your potential clients to help you grow your sales.


Social Media Marketing

We integrate hashtag and scheduling strategies to increase organic reach for your posts, then engage with the community to build valuable awareness.


Location Targeting

Zero in on the radius with the demographic most relevant to your location. Or target the communities most likely to become customer.

Monthly Reporting

Measurable results will show the power of good creative in delivering website visitors, social media followers, interest inquiries, form submissions, etc.

Our Digital Marketing Process

We listen to you. We ask you questions. We learn what your goals are. We study your brand, explore your industry and get to know your customers.
Plan Your Strategy
With our research done, the planning process turns that information into a clear set of consumer insights, user objectives and business goals.

This is where it all comes together. All the info we have collated is laid down in a clear, precise marketing plan which includes content and channels we will use.

Once the project is up and going, we measure, test and compare. We analyze. We figure out what’s working, and what could be working better.
If something’s not performing like it should, we tweak it. If it’s not working at all we drop it. If it’s blowing the lid off expectations, we double down.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Intelligent Marketing

After consulting with you about your business, we formulate strategies on how best to zero in on your indtended audiences.

Low Cost CPM

You only pay for measurable return on investments such as per click, per thousand impressions, per engagement, etc. These are all real people with potential interest in your product.

Targeted Demographics

The more specific the audience metrics, the more likely they’ll become your customer. We zero into measures like location, age range, gender, buying habits, search history, interests, etc.

Digital Marketing Abingdon


Strategic Designs

Our designers work with call to action and marketability in mind. From campaign ads to landing pages to videos, we focus on creating great design that works.

Monthly Reporting

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing lets you know exactly what you paid for. Measurable results will show the power of good creative in delivering website visitors, social media followers, interest inquiries, form submissions, etc.

Flexible Budgets

The amount you pay to Google and Facebook can range month to month. This is great if your business takes registrations, if you have seasonal promotions or if you want to encourage growth more some times rather than others..

Digital Marketing Abingdon Deliver Real Conversions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of getting web traffic from free, organic, and natural search results on search engines in order to affect the visibility of a website or a web page. More simply put, Digital Marketing Abingdon uses a series of tactics used to get your business to the top of search engine results so that it can be found by potential customers. And, seeing that Google’s top 5 results get 75% of all the clicks, is crucial for the success of any business.

Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

Definitely. Though companies in many business categories continue to approach digital marketing Abingdon with skepticism, avoiding digital marketing denies your business access to the media the majority of consumers turn to first and at all hours of the day.

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing Abingdon has evolved to the point where an immense array of specialists consult with brands to develop effective strategies or implement programs. If you’re new to digital marketing, or lack experience or resources, you should consider engaging an experienced and versatile digital marketing consultant.

What do I need to know about mobile?

Mobile phones are the most used technology in the world. Most of your prospects spend the majority of their media time—and hours—using a smartphone. Mobile marketing focuses on mobile strategies like messaging, mobile applications, and mobile websites. Digital Marketing Abingdon has been using utilising mobile for over 3 years with fantastic results.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the part of digital marketing Abingdon that is the creation and distribution of educational and/or entertaining information assets for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales. Marketing content is generally free and does not explicitly promote your brand as an ad would.

What’s involved in creating a content marketing strategy?

Digital marketing Abingdon will develop a content marketing strategy is a plan for building an audience. Elements of content marketing strategy include establishing objectives, audience personas, a value proposition, content marketing mission statement, a buyer journey map, and plans for creating, promoting and analyzing how digital marketing Abingdon assets and programs perform.

How often do I need to publish blog posts or create new content?

Search engines will learn to index your site as often as you publish content. However, neither your audience or search engines value garbage content. The answer(s) to this question is you should (1) create content as often as you can create great content, and (2) you must consider your costs and ROI. Digital Marketing Abingdon has your back.

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Mission Statement: Web Design Abingdon promise to offer small to medium-sized businesses (SME's) a low-cost effective solution to keeping their business effective online.

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