Which domain endings do you really need?

Which domain endings do you really need?

As part of our mission to help small businesses achieve more online, here at the UK Domain we have been answering your digital marketing questions over the last year in our #asktheukdomain video series.

Among the full collection of videos, is one which explores whether you need to buy all the different ‘endings’ when you register a new domain name.

If you’ve just started thinking about creating a website for your business – or you’re currently using a free domain name and you’re looking to register your very own custom domain (you can learn more about this here) – you might be wondering whether you need to buy all the different domain endings. By domain ‘endings’ we’re referring to domain extensions, the last part of the domain such as .co.uk, .uk, .com, .net, and .org.uk.

In this video, you’ll hear some great tips and advice to help you decide whether you should register all or any of the variations of your new domain name.

Watch the full video here:

If you’re looking to get your business online with your very own website, you can download a free 25-page guide that makes getting set up online a breeze here. Do you have a question for the UK Domain team? Simply ask on social media using the #asktheukdomain!

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