Business owners refuse to be swayed on Brexit decision
Business owners will focus on the facts when it comes to their decision on Europe

Business owners aren’t interested in which politicians or personalities come out in support of the remain or leave sides, according to a study.

In the survey by Sage, more than half (56 per cent) of respondents say it’s the facts that will have the biggest impact on their decision.

Some 17 per cent of those surveyed say they’ll place their vote based on gut instinct alone, with less than 1 per cent saying that politicians or personalities would be the biggest influence on their decision.

While there is a clear desire from business owners and entrepreneurs to have as much information as possible to inform their vote, nearly half (48 per cent) still do not feel well enough informed to make a decision in the referendum.

Brendan Flattery, president of Sage Europe says, ‘Barely a day goes by that there’s not another surreal, sensationalist claim in the media: from claims of a world economic slowdown if we leave, to Britain becoming a ‘hostage’ to the EU if we stay, a potential European war, or to Europe being on the same ‘doomed’ path as Hitler.

‘As this survey demonstrates, small and medium businesses, which make up more than two thirds of new jobs and generate more than €3.7 trillion across Europe, are hungry for the real facts. We need a balanced argument on both sides rather than continuing on with ridiculous assertions from big personalities.’

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