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how do they affect small businesses?

Earlier this year, new laws were put into place to regulate the usage of drones across the UK. Karen Holden, founder of A City Law Firm, outlines the new regulations and what they mean for small businesses. What do I need to know about the drone laws? The new rules,...

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Employing people as a sole trader

The fastest way to start a business is as a sole trader. You can start trading straight away and have three months to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) of your self-employed status before you incur a fine. You can download the form to register as a sole trader from...

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Can an employee take unpaid leave?

Should employees expect to be able to carry annual leave over into the following year? There is nothing in law that states that an employee must take all of their paid leave entitlement before they take any unpaid leave in relation to going away on holiday. Unpaid...

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Harriet Mears, founder of Secret Linen Store

The 2018 British Small Business Awards will once more bring together the whole of the SME community The 2018 British Small Business Awards (BSBAs), held on October 31st at London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel, will bring together the UK’s best small business with the...

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What to consider as a small business

Building a sales team that can perform to expectations is a key function of any business. While having a stellar product is fundamental to any successful venture, if you cannot effectively demonstrate your product’s value to customers so they buy it, you will fail. To...

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Freelancer loneliness and how to tackle it

The solo self-employed are now a vital element of the UK economy, contributing around £271 billion to the government’s coffers in 2017, of which around £125–140 billion came from freelancers. But with some predicting that by 2020, half of the workforce will be...

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