Collaboration and content to close the skills gap

This mixture of original content and partner-generated initiatives is reflective of recent announcements by BBC director Tony Hall, who revealed plans to develop an

open platform for the BBC using partnerships and personalised news.

The aim of these programmes and services is to encourage children and adults to use more digital services and learn new skills to help them close the IT skills gap.

According to figures released by BBC partner Tech Partnership, the need for skilled programmers, developers and web designers will increase by more than 40% between 2014 and 2024.

The broadcaster’s latest initiatives are part of its campaign to increase digital skills across the UK.

Since the launch of Make it Digital in March 2015, when the BBC announced it would be giving one million micro:bit computers to schoolchildren and setting up a traineeship to create 5,000 digital trainees across the UK, the broadcaster has completed a nationwide tour to promote digital creativity, reaching 110,000 people in 10 cities.

“Our country has led so many of the world’s tech and digital innovations, and BBC Make it Digital will help give us the skills we need to succeed in the future,” said Hall.

“It’s another great example of the BBC I believe in – an open BBC, working closely with others to achieve something far greater than we could on our own, to inspire the nation to get coding and get digital.”

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