On the eve of the release of iOS 9, we can’t help but feel concerned about the future of jailbreaking. Will rootless make this an impossible thing? Is there

such thing as impossible when talking about software though? We’ve seen encouraging signs from iH8sn0w this week, but only time will tell if this something that will actually happen, especially in regards to new devices being shipped.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy what we have now, as there is a number of interesting tweaks that were released this past week.

Aria 2: a beautifully redesigned Music app ($0.99)

CleanSheets: changes the action sheets to an alert popup (free)

GoToAlbum: adds an option in the Music app to go directly to the Now Playing song’s album (free)

Grid Messages: changes the Messages app conversations view to a grid view (free)

Hide Google Maps Watermark: does exactly what the name says (free)

MapsStatusBarHidden: removes the Status Bar from the Maps app (free)

MeetingDnd: have the option to automatically enable Do Not Disturb when a calendar event starts ($1.99 – review)

NoExtendedWeather: removes the extended weather details from the Weather app (free)

Philters: adds filters to Phhhoto app ($0.99)

PushRecord: adds hands-free audio message capability to the stock Messages app (free – review)

RoundCCButton: makes all Control Center buttons round (free)

SelfieScreenshot: lets you take a selfie and a screenshot at the same time ($1.29)

Viber Image Save: lets you easily save your friends’ profile pictures (free)

WaveFlow: a visualizer for the Music app ($1 – review)

My picks of the week are Aria 2 and MeetingDnd. We’ll discuss these more in details on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. What are your favorite tweaks this week?