If you’ve yet to watch Wednesday’s Apple keynote, or if you’ve been waiting for it to be posted somewhere other than its own website, now is your chance to

watch it. Just a little over 30 minutes ago, Apple posted its full September 2015 event keynote to its YouTube channel.

The event, which lasts for 2 hours 19 minutes and 44 seconds, is where Apple reveals the new gold and rose gold Apple Watch Sport colors, the iPad Pro, the new Apple TV, and of course, the iPhone 6s. Read on for the full video embed.

I find that YouTube makes these event videos more digestible and easy to watch (no QuickTime required), so I prefer to wait until Apple has posted them on its channel before I re-watch. As an interesting side note, Apple sometimes cleans up its keynotes with edits for goof ups and slips of the tongue before it posts it on its website or on YouTube.

Have you watched Apple’s September 2015 event yet? If so, what was your favorite moment of the event?